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L’animal a l’esquena responds to the need of its founders: María Muñoz and Pep Ramis, the artistic directors of Mal Pelo, to open up their dance company structure to a network structure based on the interchange with other artists and creators. In 1997 they began restoration and building work on the spaces at Mas Espolla, which would be the base for the project, and set out the guidelines for the centre for creation and research. From 2001 to 2010 they were co-artistic directors of the project, with Toni Cots. Since 2011 María Muñoz and Pep Ramis have directed L'animal a l'esquena with the help of a team of artistic advisers.  The name "L'animal a l'esquena" ("The animal on the back") alludes to the image of an animal carried on one’s back, over a column which is the central axis of the body and the movement. It is as well an image that evokes a certain condition of fragility and questions the place and expression of the body. The main aim of L’animal a l’esquena is to set up the links and connections between artists, scholars and the public, in such a way that the centre convert itself into a ‘shared place’, into a framework to research body based artistic practice. A framework for research understood as an accumulative process, of contextualisation and reflection, of training and exchange. L’animal a l’esquena attempts to reflect the actual need of contemporary arts practice to define a critical frame based on the presence of different voices and views, in order to look for a change in the values related to visuality, textuality, identity and corporality. L’animal a l’esquena proposes a temporary refuge in which the difference is recognized and accepted. http://www.lanimal.org


Centre de creació i investigació de dansa fundat el 2001 a Celrà pels coreògrafs Pep Ramis i Maria Muñoz, directors de la companyia Mal Pelo, a fi de crear una estructura per intercanviar experiències creatives entre artistes de dansa i altres arts, amb el cos com a eix central dels treballs. L’objectiu principal és reflexionar sobre els vincles entre creadors, pensadors i públic a partir de la pràctica creativa compartida i l’intercanvi. S’hi organitzen residències, tallers, seminaris, a més de col•laborar amb el festival Temporada Alta de Girona. Els creadors de contact improvisation Steve Paxton i Lisa Nelson van servir a Muñoz i Ramis com a inspiradors.



Centro de creación e investigación de danza fundado en 2001 en Celrà por los coreógrafos Pep Ramis y Maria Muñoz, directores de la compañía Mal Pelo, con la intención de crear una estructura destinada al intercambio de experiencias creativas entre artistas de danza y de otras artes, con el cuerpo como eje central de los trabajos. Su principal objetivo es la reflexión sobre los vínculos entre creadores, pensadores y público a partir de la práctica creativa compartida y el intercambio. Allí se organizan residencias, talleres, seminarios y colaboran también con el festival Temporada Alta de Gerona. Los creadores de contact improvisation Steve Paxton y Lisa Nelson inspiraron a Muñoz i Ramis.



Centre for research and creation opened in 2001 in Celrà by the choreographers Pep Ramis and Maria Muñoz, directors of the company Mal Pelo, with the goal of setting up infrastructures for the exchange of creative experiences among dancers, choreographers and other artists, with body as the principal focus of their work. The main object is to reflect on the links between artists, intellectuals and the public through joint creative work and exchange. The centre organises residencies, workshops and seminars, as well as collaborating with the Temporada Alta festival in Girona. Muñoz and Ramis took their inspiration from Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson, the minds behind contact improvisation.


El viatge (2004) / Photo: Jordi Bover

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Mal Pelo - L'animal a l'esquena / 2001 

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