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Rosanna Terracciano
Rosanna Terracciano is a flamenco dance artist based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She
is a performer, choreographer, teacher and producer. As an independent dance artist,
Rosanna has been funded by Calgary Arts Development, the Alberta Foundation for the
Arts, and the Canada Council for the Arts.
Performing since an early age, Rosanna’s more formal dance training began over
ten years ago while she was pursuing a Civil Engineering degree at the University of
Calgary. She began taking contemporary dance classes offered through the University
of Calgary Department of Dance, and eventually went on to take community classes in
flamenco dance, a cultural style that had always been present in her home due to her
mother’s love for flamenco culture.
After completing her Civil Engineering degree, Rosanna was accepted into the
Contemporary Dance program at the University of Calgary, where she completed one
year of studies. In January 2004, Rosanna chose to focus her energies on the flamenco
movement style, and moved to Madrid, Spain to pursue four months of intensive
flamenco dance training. Since this first trip, Rosanna has returned to Spain regularly to
continue to deepen her understanding of this historically and culturally rich dance form,
as well to hone her personal interpretation of the movement style.
Rosanna has had the opportunity to attend courses with a combination of traditional
and more contemporary flamenco dance teachers in Spain, including Israel Galvan,
El Guito, Andres Marin, Belen Maya, La Cintia, Belen Fernandez, Ana Maria Lopez,
Matilde Coral, Rocio Coral, La Tati, and Manolo Marin. Rosanna has also studied with
a number of Canadian flamenco dance teachers, including Claudia Carolina, Joselina de
Leon, Claire Marchand, Veronica Maguire, Kasandra Lea, and Oscar Nieto.
In 2005, Rosanna began producing flamenco shows in Calgary, Alberta along with
her sister Graziella Terracciano. To date, they have together presented three flamenco
productions, ¡FLAMENCO!, ¡FLAMENCO! 2, and Flamenco Forms, as well as the
fundraiser, Flamenco for Breast Cancer. They are currently preparing for their newest
production, My Flamenco, which is being presented November 1 to 3, 2007 at Dancer’s
Studio West in Calgary, and will feature Rosanna’s newest flamenco dance works.
Rosanna has also choreographed and performed at Dancers’ Studio West’s annual
Alberta Dance Explosions, a festival of dance and choreography, as well as Springboard
Dance’s Fluid Movement Arts Festival (E Merge), a festival of contemporary dance and
Rosanna’s honest and highly emotive flamenco dance style is strongly shaped and
influenced by the combination of her training and performance experience in both
flamenco and contemporary dance.


Rosanna Terracciano 

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ROSANNA TERRACCIANO -- presented at Dancers' Studio West in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada (November 2007)

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