Fanbook. Fanzine for movement fans is born with the desire to join a new node in the international network of live art, theatre and movement arts. A living map, creative and emotional where you can follow new routes in contemporary live and performing arts.


The Fanbook site has been created and edited by liquidDocs in 2014 to disseminate and promote the activities of Fanbook 2.0, placing them in the world map.


Fanbook. Fanzine for movement fans, wants to act with the same enthusiasm in the field of professional dance and scenic arts, as it explores fashions and creative experimentation with, with the aim of promoting collaboration between businesses, institutions and creativity.


In this manner, Fanbook has a clear interest for the business sector linked to scenic arts, and also has the desire to understand and strengthen its current reality as its driving force. For this reason, it calls to all professionals, institutions, and businesses related to scenic arts: dance, performance, circus theatre, music, puppets.... and urges them to join our platform and participate in new projects we will prepare over a time span from 2012 to 2016. 


Here and now, we invite you to be moved with us.




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