The Etxepare Basque Institute is an organization dependent on the Basque Government  that aims to promote and disseminate the Basque language and culture abroad.



The site of the organization was created in 2014, aiming to show the projects produced, managed or supported by the Institute in different areas of work. This new tool complements  it places the activity of the organization in the world map, and offers an organized and stable –though constantly updated  space to show the projects undertaken. And, at the same time, it makes available to anyone interested major culture references of contemporary Basque culture and creation.


The actions are classified according to their nature, in three separate sections, each of which hosts various listings from which we access the specific microsites for each project: International University Network (readerships and chairs), Activities of the Institute (productions and co-productions, activities to promote Basque Culture and international fairs), and Subsidized projects (attendance at fairs and disemination of the Basque Culture). 

This classification also applies to the Institute maps, which allow us to show our lines of work in the international geographical context and also to display, in a graphic and direct way, the scope of the actions promoted by the Institute.