Dantza Edit is the Performing Arts Meeting in San Sebastian Old Town to be held during the 18th and 19th July, and has been developed from the initiative and liquidDocs Noventa Grados, in collaboration with several external organizations.


It is a pioneering and innovative event, as it arises from the synergies between different stores in favor of creating an open and different culture, and also power a cultural image of the Old Town betting on the uniqueness linked to the pooled sample.


Friday and Saturday will be represented different artistic languages: performances, dance performances, exhibitions, audiovisual, music, art installations and theater workshop for families with educational purposes  Edit Dantza will feature renowned artists such as Mikel Aristegui, Anakrusa, and Ai Do Lasala Company Project, among others. All activities are free and aimed at a wide audience, as it is to promote the philosophy of open culture.


The Performing Arts Meeting Street in the Old Town encompasses different scenic areas in the Old Town of San Sebastian. The activities will take place indoors as Noventa Grados, Kenji Sushi Bar, Côte Bar, Arraun and the Central Library (Calle San Jeronimo), but also outdoors as the esplanade of Nautical, Lasala square and the door of the church Santa Maria.






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